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Westfield PARK+, smarter parking with Westfield

Westfield PARK+, smarter parking with Westfield


Scentre Group operates its Westfield Living Centre portfolio with a responsible business mindset across the four pillars of community, people, environment and economic performance. More information can be found in our 2020 Responsible Business Report.

Decals & Parking Information | Westfield State University

Parking tickets may also be paid by phone at 1-866-980-5363. Inquiries concerning amounts owed should be directed to the Parking at 413-572-8731. Ticket appeals are done on-line. Use the link above or Search "Ticket Appeals" on the University main page for the form and directions. Tickets may only be appealed up to 21 days after they are issued.

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Parking. How do I get member parking benefits? Do I need to use the app to get the centre parking benefit? How much does parking cost? How do I add my number plate? How many vehicle number plates can I add to my account? I share my vehicle with someone else. If the vehicle is against my account, can the other person also get the parking benefits?

Westfield Smart Parking Westfield London

Sat – Sun. £3.00. £6.50. £9.50. £12.00. £15.00. Please note, Westfield Stratford City’s standard parking and Smart Parking rates are different. To view Westfield Stratford City’s parking rates, please click here.

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